AFRICA-NETWORK Limited was founded with the main purpose of solving social problems in Africa through exploring business opportunities and avenues through which to impact lasting change. We believe that every problem presents an opportunity for business. The African continent thus presents endless opportunities due development challenges that most countries have. Our team and partners aim to turn the golden opportunities presented into solutions that can benefit society. With some of our solutions, we hope to contribute towards the reduction of poverty and hunger, in the process providing tools for young Africans to re-invent the Africa they want for the future.Although problems in Africa can not be solved by African youth alone, we believe African youth should take the lead, making “ the Africa by Africans”.
The other purpose of AFRICA-NETWORK is to efficiently connect Japan & Africa. In fact, Africa (especially West Africa) is entering the next level in term of its development. That means that technologies and know-how will be needed in areas like Infrastructure (road, water, electricity etc...), Education, Services, and many other Industries. So AFRICA-NETWORK wants to make sure that Japanese technology, known as one of the best technology in the world, is useful in the on-going development process in West-Africa and of course, we will be there to facilitate the process. We want to be the door for Japan to the 350 millions West-African markets.

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