Our Team

Souroulere ZOMAHOUN


+81 9028426516

The CEO of the company, Souroulere ZOMAHOUN was born in 1982 in Benin (West Africa). He left Benin in 2005 for Yamagata University (Japan) where he completed his Masters in Computer Science after receiving a Japanese government scholarship. After his graduation in 2009, he worked for 6 years at the Japanese Major Corporation HITACHI Ltd. Later, he started his own companies AFRICA-Network Limited (Japan) and AFRICA-NETWORK West- Africa S.A (Benin) with the goal of building a bridge between AFRICA (especially West-Africa) and Japan.
Souroulere Zomahoun has also founded a non-profit organization named AYINA (All Youth Innovation Net world Association) in 2014. The organization is now focused on connecting Japanese and African youth through African Friendship Parties and AFRICA HOMESTAY, in order to reset the perceptions that Japanese and Africans hold of each other.

Anesu Munyaradzi Chidodo

Director of the Southern Africa branches

+27 763010408

The Director of the Southern Africa branches of the Africa Network Limited brand, Anesu Munyaradzi Chidodo, was born in the Sunshine city of Harare, Zimbabwe in 1988. A pan-Africanist at heart, he wandered onto the path of the CEO, Souroulere Zomahoun on his business scouting visits to South Africa. Together they formulated a business plan that catered to the problems arising in the Southern Africa region. The birth of Africa Network Tech. Anesu is currently studying for a BCom Tourism Management with the University of South Africa.
Anesu Munyaradzi Chidodo is also co-founder of Canvas City Market. A platform designed to market, network and grow entrepreneurs and new businesses by providing links to both local and foreign enterprises and markets. Canvas City Market is set to host weekly markets at different venues in Zimbabwe where registered entrepreneurs can advertise their products and interact with interested individuals. The Canvas City Market aims at excelling domestic tourism through showcasing the potential of Africa's most educated generation yet. The goal: to produce economically independent African youths through entrepreneurship.