We provide West-African local entrepreneurs with marketing re- search and product development services in order for them to export & develop their product on the Japanese market. We also assist Japanese small & medium enterprises so that they can enter and conquer the 350 millions West-African markets with our marketing research and product development services.
We also have a service we offer local small and medium enterprises in West Africa. We call it Productivity. The purpose of this service is to assist the local enterprises here in West-Africa so that they can mechanize their production process. We believe this will allow them to gain in productivity and goods qualities and also reduce the production cost so that they can increase their profit. This will also allow us to export Japanese mechanization technologies to the West-African region and maintain Japan presence in the region. We are focusing specially in agriculture, services, transformation, manufacturing & Telecommunication.


We import from Japan productivity tools like Farm Equipments, Construction machines, electronic devices etc. Actually, Africa especially the west region is currently in its transformation process and the needs for technology to reinforce productivity as well as the needs of infrastructure are significantly increasing. Also, ECOW- AS (Economic Community of West African States) facilities for West African citizens, goods, services to freely move and interconnect with each other make the 350 millions markets a very dynamic & a very promising market.


Africa, especially the west region (ECOWAS Region) is known to be very rich in tropical fruits like Pineapple, Cashew Nut, Mangoes and Coconuts etc... and as we all know, these products are very demanded in Japan and other countries that are not blessed with a tropical weather through- out the year. In fact Benin (Our company headquarters’ country) is known to produce one of the best qualities of Cashew Nut, pineapple in the whole continent of Africa. Our team is working hard right now to start very soon exporting products made from these tropical fruits in order to meet the high demand in Japan. We are now in discussion with selected producers so that we can export to Japan, high quality 100% natural Mango Juice, dry Mango, Mango puree, Mango Jam etc... We will do the the same for other products like pineapple and others as well.